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Explore the World of Plants at Home

Learning about nature doesn’t have to end when you leave the Garden! We’ve created these activities and games below to keep your family engaged with the world of plants between visits.

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Edmond Albius and the Vanilla Orchid Discovery

Orchids are responsible for making ice cream and baked goods especially tasty. The seed pods from the vanilla orchid (Vanilla planifolia) are used to produce vanilla extract. We wouldn’t be able to enjoy vanilla today without the work of a man named Edmond Albius.

Drive-by Tree Tour

This fall, enjoy a drivable tree tour featuring historic, unique and large trees in Des Moines and the surrounding area. Most of the trees can be seen from your car from a safe distance on the road, but there are a few in public places that you can walk to.

Many thanks to the Brenton Arboretum and Trees Forever for providing many of the trees listed and to Mark Rouw for searching out and sharing large trees across the state. Many of the trees are located on private property; trespassing is forbidden.

Sit Spots: Nature Journal

Learn about sit spots on the Dig Deeper Blog, then download this nature journal to record what you find.

Drive-by Garden Tour

Enjoy this driveable garden tour featuring gardens from our staff, volunteers, members and other supporters.

Vegetable Container Gardening Guide

Interested in container gardening with vegetables? Check out this helpful guide from Botanical Garden volunteer and Master Gardener Megan Will.

Germination Station!

Learn what makes seedlings sprout by completing this fun experiment at home.

Plant Obstacle Course

Explore how plants move with light by making an obstacle course for a plant.

Activity Packets

Plants in the Pantry Packet

From the banana on the counter to the flour in the cupboard, plants are everywhere in the kitchen! Use the activities in this packet to explore the plants in your own pantry.

Flower Fun Packet

Flowers make our world bright and beautiful, but have you ever wondered why they are so colorful, or why bees and butterflies love them? Explore all types of flowers in this fun activity packet.

Leaf Discovery Packet

Learn all about leaves, then venture outside to see how many different types you can find.


Flavorful Flowers

Edible flowers are used in many different cuisines for flavor, color, texture and scent. Each flower has different vitamins, minerals and compounds in them that give them their individual health benefits. Taught by Master Gardener Mamta Israni.

Mother Nature's Medicines

Learn about planting, harvesting, and cooking with medicinal herbs and spices. This series is instructed by Master Gardener Mamta Israni.

Explore Pollination Video

Follow along with our Education Team to learn why pollinators are important and then explore which flowers and plants are pollinator favorites.

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