Botanical Garden Profile: Garden Hosts
February 14, 2020
Botanical Garden Profile: Garden Hosts

Connecting Guests to the Garden

Stationed inside the conservatory or outdoors during events, our volunteer Garden Hosts welcome guests and enhance their Botanical Garden visits every day.

They may help with wayfinding, provide a clue to an elusive scavenger hunt quest, point out a plant of interest, mention an upcoming concert to a music lover or share educational opportunities with a passionate gardener. These personal connections are vital, and can encourage guests to return for another visit, take part in an activity or support the Garden through membership.

Garden Hosts may or may not have green thumbs, but they appreciate the Garden as a place of beauty, learning and solace. Ultimately, these volunteers connect guests with our mission of exploring, explaining and celebrating the world of plants day after day.

Hear from Current Garden Hosts

“It’s fun to be in the middle of the conservatory while directing people and answering questions. The shifts go so quickly!”Jill Stevenson

“Being a Garden Host gives me a greater opportunity to learn about Botanical Garden plants and programs, then share that knowledge with guests. I can point out particular plants that they otherwise might have missed. I always hope that our conversation made their visit more memorable and their return more likely.”Carly Kelty-Greenfield

“As a retired biology and environmental education teacher, a florist, and avid gardener, I get to enjoy gardening throughout the changing Iowa seasons and share my love of life with others.”Bob Roberts

Become a Garden Host

Interested in joining this passionate and engaging group of volunteers? Fill out a volunteer application and indicate your interest in the Garden Host role.

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